2017 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to LIGO Black Hole Researchers

“About a hundred years ago, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, but until now, they were undetectable.” On Tuesday, the third of October, Rainer Weiss (professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Kip Thorne and Barry Barish (both professors of California Institute of Technology) were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for what the Royal Swedish Academy called “a discovery that shook the world. These three men were the architects of the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) centers. A LIGO center looks like a giant “L”; it reflects gravitational waves in a way which a computer can analyze it. When the waves are moving normally they cancel each other out but when they are affected by something else they make a rhythmic beeping. Over a billion light years away two massive black holes collided releasing the energy equivalent to a billion trillion suns in a fraction of a second….

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Order the Numbers 2

Hi everyone! Seth here with three more Order the Numbers puzzles. First, though, last week’s answers! (X can be any number within the range of the puzzle.) Easy: The only even numbers from 1-5 are 2 and 4, so it either has to be 2XXX4 or 4XXX2. The third clue says that three is second in line. So the four possible combinations are 23154, 23514, 43152, and 43512. The second clue says that three can’t be to the right of two, so that narrows down the options to 43152 and 43512. If one is to the left of five, the only possible order is 43152. Medium: Start with clue 3. The possible formations are (from the top, going clockwise) 2XX3XX or 3XX2XX. Continue with clue 5. If one is directly counterclockwise of 2, that changes our possible combinations to 2XX3X1 or 3X12XX. If 5 is across from 6, that changes…

USA Men’s National Team Out Of 2018 World Cup

    This is the first time USA didn’t make the the World Cup since 1986. After the loss to Trinidad & Tobago, they came in 5th place behind Honduras in 4th, with Mexico in 1st place, Costa Rica in 2nd, and Panama in 3rd. USA finished with 12 points (1 point behind Honduras), with a +4 goal difference. Trinidad & Tobago beating the USA was a huge upset, because Trinidad & Tobago do not have a huge soccer reputation, as the only trophy that they have won is the Caribbean Cup, and that was only once.      The reason the USA getting knocked out of the World Cup is such a big deal is, that the USA have a big reputation for making it to the round of 16 in a lot of competitions. The USA usually make it to the Round Of 16 Than get knocked out. In the…

Echo Hill Survey

Welcome back 7th grade! They were recently at Echo Hill Outdoor School. There were multiple activities including zip lining, canoeing, survival class, mystery tours and much more. Everyone had a different experience at Echo Hill. I made a survey to see the overall experience.   The seventh grade’ss favorite activities(top three): Adventure 2/ High Ropes Course       58.3% Mystery Tour 13.9% Night Hike 13.9%   The seventh grade’s overall experience: Tons of Fun 62.9% Meh, in the middle 25.7% Awful 11.4%  

The Black Cat Crisis

We have entered into the month of October, bringing with it a new season, cooler weather, and, above all, the only day where it’s acceptable to dress up as a giant frog or a Pokémon and take people’s food. Halloween is a holiday that is generally highly anticipated, as children await the day that is sure to bring sugary treats. But with this holiday comes a true tragedy, in the form of the iconic black cat. As many people know, black cats have come to represent witchcraft, night and, in most cases, evil of some sort. Because of this, they are often associated with Halloween, and many people try to adopt black cats around the time of this holiday. Afterwards, they find themselves with a cat that they can’t or do not want to care for, and oftentimes abandon or return them. Not only that, but these animals are also…

How An Eclipse Works

For the first time since 1979, there was a solar eclipse of the sun that covered the entire contiguous US. Every single year there are two eclipses either of the sun or the moon. “But Adele, if there are two eclipses every year then why can’t I see one every single year here in the US?” Well my reader, that is exactly why this article is here. This article will cover why we can’t see an eclipse every year, why eclipses occur, and exactly where and when you can view the next total solar eclipse of the sun. So grab your solar protective sunglasses and moon pies and get ready to hear some info on our favorite star, the sun. Photo taken by Jeff Goldader Why eclipses occur Eclipses occur when the sun and the moon align at a particular time of year when the moon is in the new…

Stroop Puzzle

Try this puzzle, which demonstrates the psychological phenomenon called the Stroop Effect.

Video Game DLC Review – Battlefield 1: In The Name of the Tsar

This summer has offered many different games for teenagers and kids to dive into and enjoy. Today I am going to talk about a game that has swept the world. Battlefield 1 was released last October in a spectacular way pulling hundreds of thousands of gamers across the globe. With gamers eager to get new content, Battlefield entered the French into the battle however players were hungry again, so EA and Dice’s response was Soviet Russia. No, no, I mean Russia. On September 19 (September 5th if you had Premium) they released the Russians to fight for the Tsar in the new DLC (Downloadable content) “IN THE NAME OF THE TSAR!” I took it on myself to purchase and play the DLC and I have spent the last couple weeks playing the game so I can make a fair review of it. The new Russian expansion has brought the most…

MLS & Local Hockey Previews

MLS (Major League Soccer) Predictions Myles will be predicting the two biggest matches of the week. Game Prediction 1: Orlando City vs FC Dallas This will be a close game. Orlando City is 3 points behind FC Dallas and has 16 fewer goals than Dallas. Orlando has had a bad start to the season, with only 35 points and in 10th place. FC Dallas, on the other hand, is in 8th place and with 38 points. After a thumping defeat at the hands of Minnesota United, FC Dallas is looking to come back with a win against Orlando. Orlando has a pretty bad record in the MLS so far, as they’ve only won 9 games out of the 30 they’ve played. There will most likely be a red card somewhere in this match. The game will be close, but FC Dallas will eventually be victorious against Orlando, 3 – 1….

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