Animal Farm Song Project Wrap-Up

It’s been happening for 15+ years… Generations of students (okay, maybe not generations) have been enjoying it for a while… That’s right, it’s the ever-popular eighth grade Animal Farm song project!

Here’s how it works: Eighth grade students are required to read the book Animal Farm over the summer. After a series of comprehension discussions, students break into groups, and write and rehearse parody-type songs that tell the Animal Farm story. Fast-forward 1.5 months when students perform their songs for their Language Arts class. During this first round of performances, peers vote for which group they think did the best job. Those with the most votes go to Round Two, the semi-finals. These students perform in Room 10 and their videos can be seen below. Peers then voted a second time for their favorite group. The Red Hot Piggy People are the winners and performed their song in the Meeting Room for the entire Middle School.

Jacob Bower ‘20 performed in the semi-finals, but didn’t make it to the final round. Being the positive soul he is, Bower said, “I am not upset about not being in the finals. The group who won deserved it, and I know my group and I worked hard.”

Here are some interviews after the semi-final round with performers:

Finally, here is a two-part video of the finalists, Red Hot Piggy People, performing during the semi-finals: 

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