FCS Food Competition

This year, Friends’ Central School is having a schoolwide food competition to determine a new dish for the cafeteria. The winner will receive the honor of having their dish featured on the FCS menu. So far, the competition is just beginning, but word is even faculty and staff are now allowed to compete. 32 entries, but only 1 can win.

As an exciting kickoff for the intense food competition, we had a selected group of student judges, who tasted and voted on their favorite. The jury has decided and “Waffle la Waffle” dominated five votes to three votes. Although the chicken was amazing, the idea of a waffle breakfast sandwich (WITH BACON) was pure genius and Chris Meade ’20 triumphed in this round and is moving on to his next competition (THE SEMI-SEMI-SEMI-FINALS).

The winner, “Waffle la Waffle”:


Buffalo chicken wings:


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