Campus Crannies: First Edition

As many of us know, below the right side of the middle school building lies a semi-creepy walk-out basement containing 4 classrooms, a couple of small group instruction rooms, a powder room, the lost and found, as well as spaces for storage and mechanical supplies. However, have you ever wondered what is below the left side addition of the building? Well, if you are thinking “no,” you are not alone, as that thought has never crossed my mind either. But, last Thursday, that all changed. (Dun, dun, dun…)

I was in the coatroom under the back staircase, when I noticed a portion of the hardwood floor was loose. Upon inspecting it further, I discovered it was actually a trap door! Overwhelmed with curiosity, I immediately told my advisor, Dr. Patricia Zaradic (Dr. Z) about my discovery. Being the adventurous person she is, she happily revisited the spot with me (with flashlights and cell phones in hand) to explore it further. When we opened the trap door, we saw a small staircase that lead to a basement/crawlspace that has not been seen in years! Then, we notified the Maintenance Department about what we saw. Within about an hour, the trap door was sealed.

But Mr. Doug Ross, Eighth Grade Science Teacher Emeritus, also had something to say about the secret dungeon. “About 15 years ago, I smelled horrible smells from the crawlspace, as it was just below my classroom. After complaining a lot to the school, they finally converted it from dirt to cement. Thank gosh for that!” When I later asked him if he has ever been down there, he replied with a smile, “Of course!”

So, to see photos of this mystery, just scroll down!

IMG_2472IMG_2473 IMG_2470 IMG_2474

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