Quilt for a Cause


Recently, Middle and Upper School Art teacher and seventh grade advisor Ms. Caroline J. Maw-Deis, along with the the assistance of Service-thru-ART, other students, community members, and faculty, crocheted and knit a quilt–for a cause.

FCS woodshop and music-media teacher Diego Luzuriaga has not been feeling his best lately. So, if you put the pieces together, you will figure out the quilt was made for Mr. L.

Here’s how the project first came about: Ms. Maw-Deis (as usual) was driving home from a yarn store in Central PA, when she stumbled upon an idea (you’re probably thinking “here we go,”) and as usual, Ms. Maw-Deis’s idea was to help others. She wanted a way to use the yarn she just purchased to help Diego, as she had been thinking about his recent diagnosis. So she decided to involve everybody in making a quilt for him.


Ms. Maw-Deis is “hoping Mr. L recognizes the whole community is sending him healing wishes, and that the the quilt will serve as a visual, colorful, and textural reminder of the healing we hope happens soon.”

Ms. Maw-Deis delivered the quilt to Mr. Luizaga on a Friday in December. She described the experience as “touching” and that he was “very grateful to the community.”

On behalf of the FCS community, we all hope Mr. L gets well soon so he can come back and share his passion and joy with all of us.

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