The Best of the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show. The place for innovation in technologies from electric toothbrushes to the future of automobiles. The place to showcase newer and faster computers, devices to improve home living, and huge strides towards full medical rehabilitation using technology. It’s Riley here to show to you all what I thought was the best of CES 2017.

The Whill Model M

The Whill Model M is a wheelchair that has increased mobility and speed compared to an average wheelchair and makes the person using the Whill Model M more independent. There has been many electronic wheelchairs in the past but the Whill Model M has a much more sturdy design that allows people using the wheelchair to move across different surfaces independently. This will have huge impact on disabled people’s lives, it will let them explore and experience the world much more.

LG’s OLED W7 Television

The new LG W series look fantastic and out of all of them the OLED W7 look the best. What is OLED you might ask, well you only need red, green, and blue light to create an image on a TV screen. OLEDs work by flowing electricity through certain materials that glow red, green, and blue. These OLEDs make the image quality of the TV look amazing and to make the TV have a small form factor (make the TV thinner) LG have put all the guts of the TV in a black box that plugs into the TV screen.

Razer Project Ariana

It’s not for everyone, including but Razer’s Project Ariana is an interesting (and expensive) option for gamers looking for more immersive options for their home setup. It’s an extension of the gaming company’s Chroma lighting project, but instead of just brightening up a keyboard, this is a 4K (4000 pixels) projector that shows your game outside of a monitor. Although Project Ariana is just a concept for now, Razer hopes to make the idea a reality by the end of the year. In a year of gaming laptops, mice, monitors and game streaming services, Project Ariana stood out.

R-8 and R-9 from Osterhout Design Group

Osterhout Design Group (ODG) showed off its first Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) smart glasses at CES and they were aimed at a wider range of consumers. The R-9 (showed in the picture above) will be shipping later this year and are priced at $1,799. These glasses look promising for the future of VR and AR

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 has many desirable features in a laptop such as the fact that you can turn the laptop into an iPad type device. Thanks to Intel’s newest Kayb-Lake CPU, the power of the laptop has been greatly improved compared to its 2015 and 2016 cousin and has much more processing power. This laptop is much more portable and powerful.


Plume can be considered “useless” or “pointless” but in fact Plume can be very helpful to one’s health. Plume is a device that you carry with you that tracks the pollution and is the same concept as a FitBit just instead of measuring your fitness it measures the air quality around you. It shows the levels of particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature and humidity. It can be clipped to things like backpacks.

Lego Boost

The Lego Boost lets you build five different motorized builds and program them with the Lego Boost app. It is very similar to Lego Mindstorms but much more simple and is aimed to get kids to become more creatively adept. You can also configure your creation with any Legos you have tucked away our aren’t using.

I hope you all were informed about the various tech that will start to influence our lives and saw some cool tech!

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Writer for Phoenix enquirer. Class of '22. Favorite thing to write about: Tech.
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