The Importance of Music

Artwork by Esme Y.

Music is the art form I find the most pure. It doesn’t evolve, it changes. From artist to artist, genre to genre, song to song, they are all completely different way of expressing yourself. I think of music as changing rather than evolving, because composers generally don’t build upon their last piece to make it better, they change it and try a different approach.

Just like any other art form, music has many different styles. Some of which include: Classic, Folk, Opera, Spoken Word, EDM, Traditional, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Punk, Techno, Country, and and Ambient. I wholeheartedly believe that anyone capable of hearing music can find the perfect style for them. Music can mean different things for anyone who hears it and interprets it for their own use.

Music can be used so many ways. It really does help with everything, and can instantly provide a different environment anywhere. Some people use music to dance, some to relax and meditate, some use music for storytelling, some use music to help with emotional difficulty or confusion, many people use it to stimulate their brain, distract them, or even give people a spark of creativity. I find that I find my best questions, thoughts, and most creative ideas when I am listening to music actively or in the background.

Music for some people can be a distraction. Make sure not to listen to music while working if you know that it lowers your efficiency or quality of your work. Some people say that music increases their efficiency when working, if it works you might as well take advantage of it. I hope you all can find a time in the day to listen and enjoy to your favorite artists, bands, and music groups.

Try listening to music more. Develop a taste for it and fine tune your preferences. I really think that getting to know types of music can masked your daily life better.

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