TechTips: Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi everyone! From our knowledge, everyone at this school uses computers or iPads, to some degree. On Mac computers, there are some shortcuts that you can learn that make navigating a computer a lot easier. You can also edit, disable, or even create your own shortcuts in System Preferences. The four main shortcut keys used are Shift (to the left of the Z key), Control (to the right of the FN key), Option (also called Alt, below the Z key), and Command (to the left of the space bar) Here are some commonly used command codes:

(The Command button is usually replaced by the Control button on PCs and Chromebooks for some commands)

*What is the difference between Quitting and App than Force Quitting an App? Well, quitting an app is when you get rid of it when you’re done with it. If that app freezes, crashes, or loads really slowly, that is when you should Force Quit an app. Force Quitting should not be used regularly.

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