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Hello everyone, this is my second addition to my debate series. Today, Riley, Calvin, and Marcus will join me in a new topic: should traditional gaming be played on a console, or should we switch to computer gaming? Riley and I will argue for PC against Calvin and Marcus, who side with console gaming.

First Topic: Price

Luke: At first glance, console seems cheaper, but that’s not exactly true. An Xbox One can cost around to $350, and while PCs are best at around $1,000, you can run eSports games like Overwatch, CS:GO and League of Legends on a $400 computer.

Riley: I completely agree with Luke. When one part of a console stops working or breaks, you have to buy a completely new console. On the other hand, when a PC part breaks or stops working, you can replace it and some parts can cost less than $30. Let me expand here, if you buy a Nintendo Switch for $300 and its processor cooler breaks, the whole cost will be $600. With a $400 PC, if a processor cooler breaks you can replace it for less than $30. Also, if you want your PC to run faster, you can upgrade instead of buying a new console every 2-5 years when a new one comes out which will cost much less in the long term.

Calvin: Well actually, I beg to differ. Sure, you can get a PC for under $700, but you won’t have access to all the games. And at the end of the day, it’s all about the games. The only PC games that I really want to play, are Overwatch, and Horizon Zero Dawn. A PC that has the ability to run those would cost little under a thousand, whereas a PS4 that can play both of those, as well as a multiple exclusives would only cost 400 at most. Heck, I can get a PS4 AND a Nintendo Switch and it would STILL be less, so I have access to even more games.

Luke: Okay, check your facts. Said PC running Overwatch and Zero Dawn can cost less than $500. A PS4 is roughly $280, and while a Switch should cost $300, the fact that the Switch circulation is currently held by the old-man lords of eBay means that it’s going to be quite a pretty penny. The cost of the Switch alone can be over the previously mentioned computer. Not to mention that while most console games are roughly $60, a good Steam game like Undertale is only 10 dollars. Even games like Counter Strike are barely over $40.

Marcus: Also, Riley, that fact about breakdowns is not necessarily true. Sure, it might be from a third party source, but you can easily order parts. Just sit down with your console for a bit, look up a guide online (mind you, there are lots of them) and anyone with half a brain can fix it. Plus, PC engines are always being developed and are always rather expensive, so when you add up the costs, consoles could actually be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Second Topic: Games

Calvin: Now, this is one of the more controversial subjects. Honestly, the only reason I own a switch is because I want to play my Zeldas and my Mario Karts and my Super Smash Brothers. If all of those games were on PC, then that would most likely be my preferred hardware to my games on. I don’t really have an argument here, I just play console for the GAMES. If you’re playing PC because you want to see as many wrinkles on an NPCs as possible, well then that’s just dumb.

Luke: Well, in games, there’s one point that wrecks the argument for consoles: there really aren’t anymore console exclusives. Yes, Nintendo is a stubborn little company that makes questionable decisions to throw Mario on iOS, but even if you want to play “your Zeldas” and “your Smash Bros,” you can just get games like Skyrim and Duck Game. Not to mention, PC exclusives are a thing. You can’t get Steam on console, can you?

Marcus: While I’m not going say that there are no PC exclusives, Skyrim and Duck Game you can get on the Switch, so there might not be as many PC exclusives as you think. Also, here’s a riddle. What do console games have but PC games don’t? Answer? Split-Screen. A great way to play local co-op, friends and siblings are forced to take turns or wait on a PC. There’s always the option of buying another one, but going back to the first debate, that’s going to cost a whole lot. Plus, sure you can say “Nintendo is a stubborn little company”, but Nintendo is one of the most successful companies. As of last year, It was freaking 2 PERCENT of Japan’s total income and 70 PERCENT of game marketing in Japan. Should I just completely ignore companies like Blizzard or Valve? I don’t think so.

Riley: That’s not true. Just because you can get some shady Chinese FNaF game on console doesn’t mean that Steam games is on console, (yes, I’m ignoring the Steam home console.) Also, split-screen legit means that you only get half the screen. Even with that, PC has split-screen too. There are a lot of indie games that use split screen.

Marcus: Riley. If I had, say, Halo on my PC and console, and I had a friend over, which would I choose to play? CONSOLE. BECAUSE THERE’S SPLIT-SCREEN. The plaintiff smugly rests his case.

Riley: First of all, why split screen? You can just play with a friend online, which is significantly easier. And unlike console, PC online doesn’t cost $60 a year! Yes, if a friend comes over, then you can use a console, but what’s easier: driving to a friend’s house, or hopping online? Online multiplayer is so much cheaper and easier on PC, and removes the need for split-screen. The plaintiff walks home in shame.

Marcus: PC online?! Dude, there’s absolutely no need for Xbox Gold/Playstation Plus for split-screen! All you need is a second account, and you can”hop” right into the game.

Luke: So a friend is supposed to drive over every time you play? It’s significantly easier to just hop on your PC, phone you friends, and play some MMOs. Even if consoles do split-screen better, in the end, online multiplayer is easier and PC does that better.

Let’s see what the staff has to say…

Jackson Sheffler ‘22: Console has its place, but I believe that PC is the superior platform for home gaming. Vote: PC

Seth Casel ‘22: PC games can be a nightmare to setup, and I just feel more comfortable on console. Vote: Console

Tucker Wolfson ‘21: I would have said PC if Nintendo made games compatible with Mac, but I feel like console has more original games. Vote: Console

Elijah Lee ‘22: PCs are more cost-effective in the long run, because if something breaks, you can replace that part for cheaper, instead of buying a new console. If you really want the console experience, you can hook up controllers and use emulators. You get the support of the Steam community on PC, which also has ported console games, if you want to play those games. Vote: PC

At the end of the day gamers have different preferences for their gaming platform. These preferences are based on what power or games you’re looking for. You buy a PC because you want a huge selection of games from multiple different developers. You buy a PS4 because you just NEED to play Horizon Zero dawn on launch day. You buy a Nintendo Switch so you can play some Zelda while coming home on the bus, and then immediately some Mario Kart on the big screen with some buddies. It’s all up to your preference. I want to know how YOU like to game, so leave your answer in the comments section!

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Lucas Chiang
Eighth grader, reviewer, artist, video gamer, musician, Tracer main, Pokémon Master, and writer who is interested in articles about technology and art. Hello, world.
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