MLS & Local Hockey Previews

MLS (Major League Soccer) Predictions

Myles will be predicting the two biggest matches of the week.

Game Prediction 1: Orlando City vs FC Dallas

This will be a close game. Orlando City is 3 points behind FC Dallas and has 16 fewer goals than Dallas. Orlando has had a bad start to the season, with only 35 points and in 10th place. FC Dallas, on the other hand, is in 8th place and with 38 points. After a thumping defeat at the hands of Minnesota United, FC Dallas is looking to come back with a win against Orlando. Orlando has a pretty bad record in the MLS so far, as they’ve only won 9 games out of the 30 they’ve played. There will most likely be a red card somewhere in this match. The game will be close, but FC Dallas will eventually be victorious against Orlando, 3 – 1.

Game 2: Toronto FC vs New York Red Bulls

I can see an exciting game here! Toronto FC has had a great season so far. They have 65 points and a 35 goal difference. The Red Bulls, on the other hand, haven’t had the best season. They have 43 points and only a 2 goal difference. Toronto wants to continue their recent good form with a win. The Red Bulls want to bounce back from their dreadful form with a win. Toronto will come out with a win over Red Bull 5 to 2



The Philadelphia Hockey Teams:

The Philadelphia Flyers kicked off their 2017-2018 season with a win over The New York Rangers, with a score of 4-3 in favor of the Flyers. The Philadelphia Flyers have a reputation for making it to the Stanley Cup in 2010, but losing in game 7. Still, that is an amazing run most teams could only dream of having. In this upcoming season, I am sure all of the Flyers fans hope that the Philadelphia Flyers can project their 2010 performance into this season.


The Lehigh Valley Phantoms:

The Lehigh Valley Phantoms are the Philadelphia Flyers feeder team. If you don’t know what a feeder team is, it is a team that takes players and trains them. One they are good enough they can move up to the NHL. The NHL team, in this case the Flyers, are allowed to loan out players to the feeder team, the Phantoms, to train, without damaging the Flyers season. The Phantoms are one of the best teams in their division, and have won 10 trophies in their history. In the 2015-2016 AHL season, the Phantoms had consistently filled their stadium for the entire season! One of the greatest players to train with the Phantoms and transfer to the Flyers is Shayne Gostisbehere, a defender.

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