NBA Finals 2018 Cleveland Cavaliers VS Golden State Warriors

It has happened again, that’s right the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State warriors are facing each other in the finals for the fourth straight year. Even though they were Down 2 – 0 at the because of the conference finals and somehow won both of there series. An even more crazy fact is that Lebron has denominated the finals. Since 2010 there has not been an NBA finals without Lebron James.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers season has been very rocky this year. At the beginning of the year they had a whole new team with many new members. However, the day before the trade deadline the cavs traded away almost there entire team for newer, younger players. Throughout all this chaos Lebron stayed strong and averaged 27 points per game. Also, he did not miss one game this entire season. The Cavs went through the Pacers, the Raptors, and the Celtics to go on to the NBA finals.

    The Golden State Warriors have had a great season there were only a bumps. Near the middle of the season almost the warriors entire starting lineup was injured and they went on a losing streak. However, when the members came back from injury the warriors went back to winning games. Stephen Curry was injured for the longest amount of time out of anyone on the Warriors, but that did not stop them from winning in the middle of the season. Steph Curry has come back and have gone through the Spurs, the Pelicans, and the Rockets to make it to the NBA Finals.

    The Cavaliers and the Warriors have faced each other for the last 4 years in a row (including this one). In 2015, the Warriors beat the Cavs 4 – 2. In 2016 the Cavs came back from a three game deficit and beat the warriors in a game seven and won the finals. In 2017 the warriors almost beat the cavs 4 – 0, but the cavs were able to win one game, so the warriors won the finals last year 4 – 1. This will be another Cavaliers versus Warriors matchup here in 2018.

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Alec Plante

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