Quantum Break Review

Quantum Break
Quantum Break was made in 2013, but looks better than 2018 blockbusters.

Quantum Break utilizes motion capture, gif animations, live action cutscenes, and every visual effect possible. The beauty layers and creates a masterpiece that can make screenshots worthy of being exhibited in a museum.

The story is the main focus, making the cutscenes a more common occurrence, which is probably why people forgot about it. People didn’t notice well thought out characters, an intense story, or emotional scenes. All they wanted was good gameplay and action gunfights. While this game does include moments like that, it is less gameplay focused than people wanted. People have changed, and the game was just made a little too early. If it was made a year or two later, the creators would be famous, and it would have tons of DLC’s and maybe a sequel. Of course, some things are just like that.

Basically, time travel. The creators thought about time travel very hard, and invented a story that hurts my head. Jack Joyce (The main character) helps his friend create a time machine. It is later found out that the project was funded by the friend who came out of the time machine 17 years earlier, and was evil. The friend saw inside the machine the collapse of time, starts monarch (the bad guys), funds his machine and tries to kill Jack because he think that will save time from dying.


This game deserves to have been a blockbuster. It has a story that could have produced a movie, it has gameplay that could have inspired hundreds of people to make games, and it has characters that could have sold action figures and created a following of cosplayers. This game deserves much more than it is receiving, but remember, it is still on the stage. This game may have been taken down on steam, but it is still sold in other places. Remedy Entertainment still has the chance to make a sensational blockbuster. Who knows, maybe we can convince them to make a sequel.

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