Friends’ Central Sound-Off: Kavanaugh Confirmation

On October 6, 2018, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court with a very partisan vote. Mr. Brett Michael Kavanagh was born in February of 1965 making him 53 years of age. Before being nominated, Justice Kavanaugh was a United States Circuit Judge. Kavanaugh´s confirmation started in early September and, towards the end, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward with assault allegations that happened thirty-six years prior. At Friends’ Central there are very strong feelings. When asking the Rosemont Village Service group for their opinions there were many strong ones.

Magistra (Latin teacher) said, ¨it was incredibly distressing to watch the hearing and to see the obvious pain of the women who had been violated and sidelined. When someone comes to me and expresses their pain I do not doubt them. I believe them.¨

Allison Whellan ´23 stated,¨It was really upsetting especially as a girl to watch a women who obviously had something happen to her, she felt like she was not being heard. It makes other girls afraid because they don’t want to come out that they had been assaulted.¨

Mason Webster ´25 said, ¨I heard something that was going around and was like ‘America these days’ and it was upsetting that the world has come to this.¨

Theo DeSouza ´25 said, ¨I think that he is a big disgrace to the white house and the rest of the US because he is so offensive and acts like a child.¨

When Mr. Chagan was asked he responded by saying he was, ¨disappointed with the nomination and, as a white male, I am disappointed that this is someone we are lifting up to the highest court of the land. Because of  what the accusations have been, even though the have not been upheld in a court of law, it sends a message that men should not be sending. There are better qualified people who would better represent the people of the country. Accusations aside, there are better candidates.¨

Additional community members outside the Rosemont group also spoke about the situation.

Mr Tozer (Math teacher) said, “I am really disappointed that Congress pushed him through. It is insulting to women and all people that a man of that character is holding a seat of high power for years to come.”

From a different perspective, William Coleman ´23 said, ¨in my eyes Democrats offered not much evidence that is needed to make the decision of what really happened or not and I feel like if there was a more thorough investigation we would have gotten more answers.¨


by Dev Gupta ’23

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Dev Gupta

I am currently an eighth grade student. I write mainly about Politics and Science/Technology.

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Dev Gupta
I am currently an eighth grade student. I write mainly about Politics and Science/Technology.
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