2018 Gaming Rewind

2018 was a great year for gaming with such games as Spider-Man PS4, Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, God of War, Call of Duty: Blackout, and many more great games. It also has great sports games such as Fifa 19, Madden NFL 19 and NBA 2K19. Now onto the most popular games of 2018. The most popular games of 2018 were Fortnite, League Of Legends, Minecraft, Spider-Man PS4, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and Rocket League.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: This game came out in late 2015, and spiked in popularity in late 2017- early 2018. What makes this game so interesting is the amount of new content that the developers put out each year. The standard for a year is four operations. Normally an operation consists of two new operators, a new map, and a map buff. Normally the two operators are one defender and one attacker. The developers announced that they will have at least 100 operators before the game stops going under constant development. This game is one of the best of the current time for its genre, and we can’t wait to see what Ubisoft will do with it.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Counter-Strike Global-Offensive, more widely known as CS: GO, came out in 2011 and is still insanely popular today. CS: GO has only just recently become a Free-To-Play Game; it used to be $15. This game does not get constant updates but is still one of the most competitive games out there. The two most played game modes would be Competitive and Casual. Although CS: GO does have more game modes, they are just not played as much as these two. CS: GO has lots of tournaments hosted each year, and they always are packed full of spectators. CS: GO has changed the lives of so many people, opening opportunities for a competitive career. Although CS: GO may be old it is still a fantastic game.


Spider-Man PS4: Spider-man PS4 came out on September 7, 2018 and was an instant hit. This is a story-based game following Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man. This game was made by Insomniac games. It was a huge hit for Insomniac because they made flops like Spyro the Dragon and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Some may say this game was Game of the Year.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild: This Zelda game was a change for more regular Zelda players. Other Zelda games are puzzle-based and not open-world, but for Breath Of The Wild, it is an open-world, campaign-based game. There are still puzzles that you can solve to get upgrades for your health or your stamina, however. Some people also said this was the Game of the Year.


We decided to interview some people in the school about their favorite game of 2018.  We got some really mixed responses, but the game we heard most was NBA 2K19.


Alex (12th grade), Daniel O’Connell (7th grade), Nia Brooks (7th grade): NBA 2K19

Theo Schenk (7th grade): Madden 19

Drew Sharon (7th grade): COD 4

Dallas Wolfson (7th grade): Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Spencer Kim (7th grade): Battlefront 2

James Pendrak (7th grade): CS:GO

Riley Roche (9th grade): Spiderman PS4

Ms. Guenther (English Teacher): Snowball Fight

Coach B (English Teacher), Theo Dankoff (7th grade): Red Dead Redemption 2

Silas (6th grade): Fortnite

Julia Beyer (9th grade): Fortnite or FIFA

Phoebe Dubb (9th grade) Girls Go Games

Lily Smith (7th grade)Minecraft

Kokayi Jones (8th grade): Super Smash

Leo Kaufman (7th grade), Isaac Dubb (7th grade): Hytale



by Lyle Goldader ’24 and Myles Roche ’24

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Lyle Goldader

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