Million-Dollar CS:GO Tournament: Who Will Win?

The first CS:GO major tournament in 2019 “IEM Katowice” in Poland, has already started off with some major upsets occurring in the minor round of competition, which is what teams play through to get into the major. The mixed nationality team of MouzSports, the 4th best team in the world, who features some of the best players in the world, was eliminated in the minor by Valiance, the 28th best team in the world, who also failed to make it into the major. The Danish team North, the 12th best team in the world, who boasted one of the best players in the world, valde, was eliminated by ViCi Gaming, a Chinese team, in the minor.

There are 2 types of teams at the major, which are “Legends” and “Challengers.” “Legends” get a bypass to compete against the top 8 teams at the major and don’t have to go through the minor. For every win in the Legends stage the team gets some ELO (ranking points) and when they lose, they ELO lose. The teams that have the worst ELO by the end of the Legends stage are put into best of three matches to see who is eliminated. “Challengers” have to play through the minor to get into the major.

The first teams facing off in the tournament have been determined, and they are:

Fnatic (Swedish) vs. ViCi Gaming (Chinese)

NRG (NA) vs. Winstrike (Russian)

Cloud9 (NA) vs. Grayhound (Australian)

Ninjas in Pajamas (Swedish) vs. FURIA (Brazilian)

ENCE (Finnish) vs. Team Spirit (Russian)

Vitality (French) vs. TYLOO (Chinese)

G2 (French) vs. Vega Squadron (Russian)

AVANGAR (Kazakhs) vs. Renegades (Australian)


Isaac’s Predictions:

Fnatic will beat ViCi

Nrg will beat Winstrike

Cloud9 will beat Grayhound

Ninjas in pPajamas will beat FURIA

ENCE will beat Team Spirit

Vitality will beat TYLOO

Vega will beat G2

Renegades will beat AVANGAR


James’s Predictions:

Fnatic win against ViCi Gaming

NRG win against Winstrike

Grayhound win against Cloud9

FURIA win against Ninjas in Pajamas

ENCE win against Team Spirit

Vitality win against TYLOO

Vega Squadron win against G2

AVANGAR win against Renegades


by James Pendrak ’24 & Issac Dubb ’24

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