What is Shadow PC?

Shadow is a company that is attempting to revolutionize the way you game. They have been working on a software that allows you to play almost any game on all high settings from almost any device, including your phone. The software achieves this by connecting you to a top-of-the-line gaming PC (personal computer) at one of Shadow’s facilities.

Although other gaming companies such as Nvidia have tried to do this, there has previously been too much input latency (a delay or lag) in gameplay to actually play anything, especially something competitive. But with Shadow, the input lag is way lower than any other cloud-based gaming system. When using Shadow PC, the only thing your machine actually has to run is the software itself, which isn’t demanding of expensive hardware. With this in mind you can run the software on most devices including your phone by downloading an app.

Since you can run Shadow on almost anything, they’ve decided to include the feature that allows you to quickly and seamlessly switch devices while on the same game. Shadow also offers a cheap, low-powered Linux machine that can run the software. This machine is called the Shadow Ghost and really isn’t very expensive because it doesn’t need any expensive hardware.

To sum it up, here are some pros and cons:


  • Low latency
  • Not as expensive as a high-end PC
  • Can use it on any device including a phone
  • Can switch from device to device


  • Cheaper than amazing PCs but still a $49.95 month-to-month payment
  • Still has more latency compared to natively running games


Overall, Shadow PC is a revolutionary step for gaming.


by Spencer Kim ’23

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