What You Should Know About Osu!

Osu! Is a free single-player game, with a multiplayer option. It is a game based off of the DS game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. It is a rhythm game for PC, but the developers are trying to push it to mobile. Although there is a test build for IOS, with a maximum user limit of 10,000. The creator’s name is Dean (Peppy) Herbert. He owns the company PPY, which runs the Osu! servers, and has its own file format (osz). The game Osu! is a game where you simply click circles to the beat of a song of your choice. There are countless songs (“beatmaps”) in the game that you can play.

Osu! has a ranking system based on how well you do on the beatmap. You gain what is called PP which stands for Performance Points. Osu! has a pretty active player base, with more than 10,000 players almost always online at once. What makes this game so unique is that there is nothing like it. Its only competitor in the gaming scene would be the virtual reality game BeatSaber. As of March 6th, the top player in the game is the American player idke; he has 15399 PP (Performance Points). The second best player has 15324 PP.

There are three types of notes, in Osu!–the circle, the slider, and the spinner. Simply when there is a circle you just click once and let go. When there is a slider, you click and hold until the slider is over. When there is a spinner, you click and hold while spinning. There are 13 game modifiers in Osu! the most popular being Double Time and Hard Rock. Hard Rock flips the beatmap upside down, makes the circles smaller, increases the approach rate of the approach circle, and increases HP (health points) drain. Double Time makes the song 1.5x faster than the original. The other difficulty-increasing mods are Hidden and Flashlight. Hidden makes the approach circle nonexistent and makes the notes disappear before you have to hit them. Flashlight makes you only able to see a small portion of the screen; that space is where you move your cursor around, the rest of the screen is just blacked out.

Feel free to check out Osu! for yourself!


by Lyle Goldader ’24 & Myles Roche ’24

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Lyle Goldader

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