Overwatch League: Stage of Madness

Just recently, stage two of the Overwatch League concluded in blistering fashion. The San Francisco Shock played against the Vancouver Titans in the final of stage 2. All of the players played extraordinarily well, and all of them passed any expectations placed on them. Some people that really stood out were:

(Shock) Sinatraa, Moth, Super, and Rascal

(Titans) Bumper, Twilight, Seominsoo, and Slime

All of these players were amazing in this match and either team could have won it was so close. The players in this game produced many great plays that made the game enjoyable to watch. This stage has also had some incredible stories and teams making history. The Shock had a golden stage, which is a stage where they didn’t drop a map, so they beat everyone 4-0. They played outstanding throughout the entire stage, and they proved that they could beat the best in the season. This was the first time the Vancouver Titans have lost this stage.


Here’s what the some members of FCS community think about the Overwatch League Stage 2.


Did you watch the Overwatch League stage two finals?

Kyle Liu ‘23: “I did.”

James Pendrak ’24: ““Yes.”


What did you think of the stage two finals?

Kyle: “I think it’s just a replay of the history, so it’s just kind of boring for me.”

James: “They were kind of, who were they against? Well, when I watched I think it was like, it was a very close match and the Titans played very well and so did the Shock. I think that it was a good effort from both sides and I think that both could be very good if they keep practicing.”


Who impressed you the most out of the sets of players?

Kyle: “I still think Bumper is like the main man.”

James: “Probably the Shock because they won. Of course it was very close but they pulled it through.”


Who did you think deserved to win?

Kyle: “It’s hard to say at this point, but I mean Shock wants their revenge, so I think they got it.”

James: “Shock, definitely.”



by Lyle Goldader ’24 and Myles Roche ’24

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Lyle Goldader

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