Huawei: Big Controversy or Small Hoax?

Recently the phone company Huawei has been under fire for relations with the Chinese government. Huawei created software for their phones that are to be sold all over the world, but they have a very strong link with the Chinese government. The US government reacted very strongly to this, saying that they do not want the Chinese government spying on US citizens using their phones.

The software that they were making was actually a brand-new Operating System. You may know how Apple phones have iOS, and Samsung phones use Android, along with many other phones. Huawei wanted to make their own OS so that they could compete more with iOS and Android.

So far this case has gone very far in that Google has cut off future updates for Huawei phones using the Android OS. Huawei has responded by denying any ties with China. USA president Donald Trump has banned Huawei phones from being sold in the USA, preventing any security flaws in the US. Huawei was somehow completely unfazed by anything the US said, and reported that they would start selling phones with their OS in China starting in 2020.

Now, at this point in time, there is only one more update on the case, and it is very big. Huawei has asked the US court to rule the ban on their phones unconstitutional. If the ban is found to be unconstitutional then that would completely destroy everything the US government has done to try and keep their citizens safe from privacy leaks.

If Huawei somehow ends up getting their ban lifted in the US, their company will never be the same. Most people will still remember them as that one company that could have been spying on you whenever they wanted. However, you must not think that Huawei is the only company that spies on you. People have tested Google to the point where they have found them completely guilty of privacy leaks, but have not taken them to court. (You can find these videos on YouTube.)


by Lyle Goldader ’24

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Lyle Goldader

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