Clash Of Clans: NEW TOWN HALL?

On November 5th, 2019, the official Clash of Clans Youtube channel came out with a video that many have been awaiting to see in their subscription box for a long time. The trailer, simplified, is a goofy announcement in Clash of Clans’ signature style for the new up and coming town hall level thirteen. The trailer depicts various attacks and “hidden” symbolism that finds wacky ways to display the number thirteen, but of course this symbolism is quite obvious so that the average viewer knows that town hall thirteen is coming without having to analyze the trailer frame by frame. The trailer also reveals that there will be a new hero coming out, although this can also be deduced without having to think too hard either. What this article will do for you is not state the obvious, but break down the video in extreme depth, as well as giving some of our own opinions and theories on what this December update will bring to Clash of Clans.

First of all, some diehard fans on Twitter were quick to point out that at the end of the video that the “This December” text actually read “Th15 December,” insinuating that possibly the release date for the update will be December 15th. Many say this is unlikely, but I wouldn’t doubt it. In the trailer, there’s also a blacked out silhouette of what looks to us as a possible new building. This, of course, could just be a red herring, as the shape is extremely abnormal. Take a look for yourself.

Also, if you look closely around 0:25 in the video, you can see in the distance behind the hog rider and his trusty pig, another silhouette of what seems to be a never-before seen building floating down with balloons slowing it’s fall. Now, we have various theories regarding all of these new releases, but we’ll try to present you with the most plausible of our theories.

Town Hall 13 – Air Base A town hall in the sky that like the giga tesla you upgrade 5 times. For each upgrade it gets it gains more health and balloons. Then at the last level the town hall floats into the sky and deals lots of damage to ground troops only. You could toggle between this and a giga tesla with a new look The Grand Warden wanted a place to hangout with his flying friends, so he put the builder to work on this. A beige town hall with more balloons for each upgrade. The giga tesla would be green if you chose to toggle to it. 
Gobbler A hatch opens up out of the ground, and the Gobbler is raised up and it consumes the ground troop that triggered it, then proceeds to return underground with the hatch closing behind it. The Gobbler can’t be activated by heroes, and you may only place 1 Gobbler in your village. The Gobbler is the builder’s newest trap, and he’s beyond excited to try it out. The Gobbler is a skeletal like head with gnarly teeth. A spring below it extends the Gobbler out of it’s hatch and retracts it back underground.
Teleporter Trap The teleporter trap is quite simple. There are two teleporters, and either one teleports the troop that steps into it to the other teleporter. The teleporter trap is hidden until a troop enters its proximity, at which it is revealed for about 20 seconds, and then disappears, losing functionality for the rest of the attack. (It then requires dark elixir to refuel after it has been used for a few attacks.) The builder worked tirelessly to put this one together, but finally, he reveals his wonderful teleporter trap. The teleporter trap is similar to a hero’s pad, and is around the same size as one as well. One is green and one is blue, and both are very techy/futuristic in nature. When stepped on, 


Magic Archer Shoots magic arrow that goes through all buildings dealing damage to all the buildings/troops that it goes through Shoots smaller magic arrows that go through a couple of buildings/ magic bow From Clash Royale, and the hero in the trailer looks scaringly close to the magic archer in Clash Royale.

FUN FACT: He often says Finnish words when in battle.

Viking King Pulls out a horn and blows into it, creating a soundwave that damages buildings nearby. Giant axe, swings axe at medium speed. Viking king was exploring the sea before his boat crashed into a giant and he washed ashore. He then took refuge in the village.


As you can see, it’s a little too early to make any final guesses for what will come with the new December update for Town Hall 13, and the trailer didn’t help much more than confuse us further; but hopefully this article helped point out some things that you may not have noticed, and given you some new ideas for what could be coming to Town Hall 13.


By Theo Dankoff and Leo Kauffman ’24

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