CSGo Case and Other Updates

On October 18th the most recent update to CS:GO was released. This update introduced the new CS20 case, it added the New Cache to scrimmage mode and added a new sticker capsule.  This update commemorated the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike franchise that began in 1999. This new case contained 17 new skins for guns and a new type of knife that resembles the classic style knife from Counter-Strike 1.6 and counter-strike source.  The other big part of this update was that it added the long awaited “New Cache” map into the scrimmage gamemode. This map has been hyped up for around 6-8 months now. The “New Cache” is a remake of a map based on a Soviet warehouse just outside of Chernobyl. The map has always had some problems but has always been a favorite of fans.  On March 28th, 2019 Cache was removed from the profesional map pool and was replaced by Vertigo. Vertigo is a very small map based on the 51st and 50th floors of a skyscraper that favors the Counter-Terrorist team. This map is regularly hated on by professional and casual players. The new cache has been brought into the scrimmage game mode but has not been added into the professional active duty map pool. Will the New Cache even be added back? Hopefully, as it is a classic map and the fans would love to see one of their favorites be reincorporated into their favorite professional matches. If the New Cache is added back into the active duty map pool, according to dotesports.com it would probably replace Mirage or Overpass due to them being the two oldest maps in the map pool right now. 

By Isaac Dubb and James Pendrak ’24

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