Last Star Wars Trailer Review- Is the the End of the Saga?


The arrival of “Star Wars Rise of Skywalker” has hyped up millions of fans across the globe. “Rise of Skywalker” is the last movie in the Star Wars saga.  The trailer was action packed and emotional, but enough of my talking, and let’s get to some interviews.


 Aiden: “So I thought that the Star Wars trailer had a lot of battleships and space scenes which makes me think that there’s going to be a lot of battles and it’s not like the other Star Wars trailers where there are some happy moments in it and then it goes to cut straight to the battle. This Star Wars trailer was very different because it kept right to the chase and it just showed scenes of the battle the whole time and the battles of very intense and at the end the last part of the trailer we don’t know who that was talking it might have been kylo Ren or it might have been Darth Vader[or Luke Skywalker] the ghost of Darth Vader we don’t know that’s my conspiracy theory on the trailer.”


Sam: “I found the trailer very mysterious, but I think that the person I was talking about an Emperor Palpatine say I don’t know if I could be wrong, that’s what I think that’s my own Siri oh yeah this movie since it’s going to be like a big one a big deal I thought the last one was pretty big, the Last Jedi, but this one really crazy!”


Mr. Chagan: “The trailer looks amazing. I’m going to be sad because the Saga, it looks like it’s going to end after this and I grew up when I was your age watching the first Star Wars, so for me to see the whole thing and makes me kind of sad but the graphics look amazing and I’m pretty excited for it.” 


Overall, we think that this trailer shows that it will be a very good, and entertaining movie. It will also be filled with a lot of drama and deaths. The movie released on December 20th, 2019.


By Sam Lord and Aiden Naik ‘25


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