Us-Iran Conflict; Fear and Memes

As you’ve probably heard, there has been some tension between the US and Iran that has come to the world’s attention in the past couple weeks. This article will go over two things, the conflict and the memes about World War 3. 

The conflict started getting big on January 3rd, when the US sent a drone to kill the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. Trump said Soleimani was a terrorist and was planning on killing more Americans. After Soleimani was killed, Iran sent 22 missiles to Ayn al-Asad base in Iraq. The base housed US troops that were stationed there. Trump later said in his speech to the United States that there were no casualties and minimal damage to the base. In the same address Trump predicted no war with Iran in the near future. He also said that if Iran does anything to the US the US will place sanctions on Iran until they change their behavior. For some this is good news, but many people around the world have begun to accept the reality of another world war, which leads us to the next section of this article, the memes.

As you probably know, if you’ve been on the internet in the past couple weeks, World War 3 memes have gotten pretty out of hand. After the news that Iran was going to retaliate against the US the memers of the world jumped on the opportunity to make some good memes.  One of them being after Iran declares war on the US and the US declares war on Iran, Germany would declare war on France. Another was how different types of gamers would do different things in Iran. Another meme was how no one invited North Korea to World War 3 (leading to a sad Kim Jong Il). 


In the end nothing really had a big effect in the long run, but it scared a lot of people and the internet responded by making a lot of people laugh.


By Theo Dankoff ‘24

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