Who would Friends Central students vote for in the 2020 elections?

In November 2020 the US will hold their quadrennial elections. The outcome of this election is most likely to be Donald Trump as the winner, but this does not mean that we should not look into the other candidates and get our opinions out to our parents on who we would like to see in office.


Dallas Wolfson (‘24): “Biden. ’Cause he’s not Trump.”


Zack Platt (‘21): “Bloomberg. He’s the mayor of NY. He was just announced, he’s a billionaire, the best mayor New York has ever had. Second choice would be Biden but I wouldn’t vote for him in the primary. I love Andrew Yang, but he won’t win. He also only has a couple of things he’s running on, and not looking at the big picture for the country. I hate Elizabeth Warren, she’s terrible. She pretended to be Native American… she’s just kinda odd. Kamila Harris I don’t like, she locked people up for a long time for using weed and then she legalized weed. I like Mayor Pete, he’s cool, but he’s not gonna win. I try to stay pretty up to date on everything. I hate Trump, but I’m very moderate. I don’t like a lot of the democratic candidates… I don’t like how Trump is the only Republican candidate. I feel like both parties have kind of gotten worse since I was a kid.”


Phoebe Davidson (‘24): ”I don’t know…. Williamson, but I don’t know who she is.“ 


Mr. Bradley (Music Teacher): “Elizabeth Warren. I love that she has thought through plans with how to deal with a lot of the problems with our country. I think it’s very rare where someone really is coherently talking about solutions for these problems. I think once they get into office they’ll have an agenda for how to run our country.”


Lauren Coss (‘23): “Pete Buttigieg or Elizabeth Warren.”


Milo Scanlon (‘25y) “I haven’t really been paying attention to the 2020 primary elections. Democratic.”


Finn Hilliard (‘24) “Not Trump because he has a complete lack of competence.”


Natalie Gould (‘25) “Probably Bernie Sanders. Because he seems like a better candidate than Donald Trump, he has more knowledge about what’s going on right now… [he’s] less close minded to new ideas than Donald Trump”


Mrs. Reed (Drama Teacher) “Bernie Sanders. Because I lived in Amsterdam and I was there with my family on and off for 5 years. Because socialism is so effective in the Netherlands, I didn’t see any poor or suffering, and everyone had houses, no one was going hungry, and when I heard Bernie Sander’s platform, I was like he was the one I would like to see in the White House.”


Mrs. Schwobel (Librarian and Technology Specialist) “Elizabeth warren.  Because I agree mostly with that party’s ideals and yeah really that’s it.”


Jonah Kaufman (‘26) “I would say Andrew Yang, because he wants to reduce the military budget.”


Simon Rasansky (‘23) “So, with this election, I uh, really don’t have a candidate that stands out to me, they’re all okay I guess, but I would like to see a switch to Democratic in the house instead of Republican, but I would like to see both Republicans and Democrats get along because a lot of what’s going on in our country is the Dems and Republicans fighting and that’s a big thing, and if I were to vote in this election I would go to the poll and click the no vote button.”


As the interviews show, the interviewees, for the most part, all chose democratic candidates with a few exceptions. Elizabeth Warren was the most popular candidate choice from those we interviewed.


By Isaac Dubb and Leo Kauffman ‘24

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