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Shallcross Renovation Exclusive

We recently interviewed Mrs. Quinn and Mr. Terrell to get you, the community, more information on the renovation of our shared community space in Shallcross Hall. Mrs. Quinn shared that the newly renovated building will have more glass so that visitors on tours will have an easier way to look into the classrooms without disrupting them. People will be able to look into our community from the outside, and it will be easier for folks to visit. Mrs. Quinn says that this change will “add more light and air” to the dining hall. The cafeteria may have a double height space and the architects are also thinking of making separate food lines so that we do not have to wait as long for the same delicious food!  The cafeteria should also have a cozier feel so that students are not compelled to sit on the art displays currently in the…

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The Phoenix Has Landed

On December 14, 2013, the town of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania hosted its tenth annual Firebird Festival, the highlight of which is the burning of a wooden phoenix that stretches thirty feet high and one hundred feet wide. Last year, more than 16,000 locals attended the festival, witnessing several amazing street entertainers, exploring the great downtown shops, and even visiting the historical Colonial Theater, home of The Blob. The Firebird Festival displays the reincarnation of the burned phoenix as multiple, smaller phoenixes, representing the resilience of Phoenixville as a town. Attendees may make a small phoenix out of clay and place it inside the larger, wooden phoenix. The burning of the larger phoenix acts as a kiln, firing all of the handmade phoenix miniatures.

Echo Hill Mythbusters

We decided to create a spoof comic on Echo Hill! Keep in mind, this information is falsified. (Or is it?) Disclaimer: Echo Hill is an amazing experience, and in no way do we want to ruin the experience for the upcoming sixth graders. So, sixth graders, when you jump in the water on the beach, you should not expect to get eaten by a shark or to see the windfish. With that aside, enjoy the comic!  

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