Spring Concert Preview

May is here – and that means it’s time for the Middle School Instrumental and Choral Concert this Friday at 7 pm! These students have been giving up advisories and working tirelessly for over 4 months to showcase their musical talent through their musical instruments, voices, and even iPads. Plus, performers and viewers can end the night with cookies and lemonade. So, what should you expect? The evening will begin with performances from the orchestra. The first piece that will be played is the overture from “The Magic Flute,” an opera written by the famous W.A. Mozart. We will then move to another overture, a waltz-like piece known as “The Beautiful Galatea” by Franz von Suppé. The third piece that we will play is unique in the way that three students of Friends’ Central composed it; two of us are writing this article. Ben Allen, Charlie Szwartz, and Liam Giszter…

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The Importance of Music

Music is the art form I find the most pure. It doesn’t evolve, it changes. From artist to artist, genre to genre, song to song, they are all completely different way of expressing yourself. I think of music as changing rather than evolving, because composers generally don’t build upon their last piece to make it better, they change it and try a different approach. Just like any other art form, music has many different styles. Some of which include: Classic, Folk, Opera, Spoken Word, EDM, Traditional, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Punk, Techno, Country, and and Ambient. I wholeheartedly believe that anyone capable of hearing music can find the perfect style for them. Music can mean different things for anyone who hears it and interprets it for their own use. Music can be used so many ways. It really does help with everything, and can instantly provide a different environment anywhere….

Anjali Gupta ’18 Takes On the PMEAs

This article is about a high schooler who competed in a music competition called the PMEAs, which stands for the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association. The interview is below. Can you please tell me your name? My name is Anjali Gupta and I’m in 11th grade. What instrument do you play? I played oboe for four maybe five years now. I heard you were competing in a competition called the PMEAs.   Yeah, it’s really competitive and basically all schools are divided up into districts. We are is in District 11 so I compete against twenty or so other oboists in our district. Some of them going to Lower Merion High School and there are a couple more. They have blind auditions to determine the best players. What is a blind audition? The judges can’t see you and you can’t talk so they can’t recognize you. How did you do? I did really…

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MS Music Concert Leaves Crowd Wowed

Last Friday, December 4, many Friends’ Centralites were blown away by the amazing performances from the Middle School Orchestra, Jazz Band, iPad Ensemble, and Chorus in the Meeting Room. While some people came for the cookies and lemonade, even they were raving about the musical talent in our Middle School. The night got off to a great start when the FCS Middle School Orchestra took the stage at Shallcross Hall, performing songs such as the Star Wars main theme and “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga. Violins were in action, cellos were playing along, flutes and trumpets blasted their notes, and drummers were adding cool sound effects to help the Orchestra with their songs. Next, the iPads were out as the iPad Ensemble (it wasn’t really an ensemble, as it consisted of only sixth and seventh graders (Skylar Davis ‘21, Sammy Darling ‘21, Sam Kazak ‘21, Liam Giszter ‘21, Benna…

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Animal Farm Song Project Wrap-Up

It’s been happening for 15+ years… Generations of students (okay, maybe not generations) have been enjoying it for a while… That’s right, it’s the ever-popular eighth grade Animal Farm song project! Here’s how it works: Eighth grade students are required to read the book Animal Farm over the summer. After a series of comprehension discussions, students break into groups, and write and rehearse parody-type songs that tell the Animal Farm story. Fast-forward 1.5 months when students perform their songs for their Language Arts class. During this first round of performances, peers vote for which group they think did the best job. Those with the most votes go to Round Two, the semi-finals. These students perform in Room 10 and their videos can be seen below. Peers then voted a second time for their favorite group. The Red Hot Piggy People are the winners and performed their song in the Meeting…

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MusPaper: Track Seven

The MusPaper… Combining what you love about music with the joys of reading the newspaper!  

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Glad You Came AMV Mix

If you are wondering what an AMV is, it is a anime music video. I have created my own AMV for you to enjoy. I have taken a old popular song and combined it with some of my favorite anime. I hope you will watch the anime that is in the following video. The anime that the video contains is: Devil Is A Part-Timer: We have an extra clip at the end of the AMV. You can find a summary at our favorite anime page. Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions Hetalia Free A Certain Scientific Railgun All of these anime are action, romance, and/or comedy. I hope you will watch my AMV and enjoy!

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