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Order the Numbers 2

Hi everyone! Seth here with three more Order the Numbers puzzles. First, though, last week’s answers! (X can be any number within the range of the puzzle.) Easy: The only even numbers from 1-5 are 2 and 4, so it either has to be 2XXX4 or 4XXX2. The third clue says that three is second in line. So the four possible combinations are 23154, 23514, 43152, and 43512. The second clue says that three can’t be to the right of two, so that narrows down the options to 43152 and 43512. If one is to the left of five, the only possible order is 43152. Medium: Start with clue 3. The possible formations are (from the top, going clockwise) 2XX3XX or 3XX2XX. Continue with clue 5. If one is directly counterclockwise of 2, that changes our possible combinations to 2XX3X1 or 3X12XX. If 5 is across from 6, that changes…

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Stroop Puzzle

Try this puzzle, which demonstrates the psychological phenomenon called the Stroop Effect.

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Order the Numbers 1

Hello everyone! Seth here, with a new kind of puzzle- Order the Numbers! You must place numbers into a specific order so they follow specific rules, that differ by puzzle. Answers will be revealed in a subsequent issue. There will be 3 puzzles per issue- one Easy, one Medium, and one Hard. Easy is a nice warm-up, Medium is fairly challenging, and if you complete the Hard puzzle, you have exceptional logic skills. The answers will be revealed in the next issue. The Puzzles: Easy: Place the numbers 1-5 in a line so… Even numbers start and end the line. No number is to the right of the number one less than it. (i.e. 2 is not to the right of 1.) Three is second in line. One is to the left of five. Medium: Place the numbers 1-6 in the diagram below so… The triangle with the 4 in it…

Two Math Proofs That Will Blow Your Mind

Hi everybody! Seth here with another cool math article. I discovered these proofs recently, and thought that they were really cool! So, sit back and enjoy! So, here are two math proofs that are essentially proving the same thing. The first one proves 1=0, and the second one proves 4=5. Neither one of them is accurate, but they are seemingly possible. 1=0 Step 1. Set a variable a equal to a variable b. We have a=b. Step 2. Multiply both sides by a. We have a^2=ab. Step 3. Subtract b^2 from both sides. We have a^2-b^2=ab-b^2. Step 4. Factor both sides, using the difference of squares on the left. We have (a+b)(a-b)=b(a-b) Step 5. Divide both sides by (a-b). We have a+b=b. Step 6. Subtract b from both sides. We have a=0. Step 7. Divide both sides by a. We have 1=0. 4=5 Step 1. We know 2+2=4. Step 2….

Rage Inducing Puzzles #5

Answers to last month’s RIP #4: 90. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 3 They will wipe out the rat population before they’re finished. 99 1248 His daughter. If you end up with anything but “orange”, then you get 4 points. -2. 67. All problems are 4 pts. There are now 300 RIP points!!! 300 = Still haven’t gotten any wrong, eh? 270-299 = If this was a test, you’d still have an A. 240-269 = Keep doing what you’re doing. 200-239 = You’ve been doing great! 150-199 = You can still catch up! 100-149 = About average so far. 50-99 = Keep trying! 11-49 = Remember to think. 1-10 = It’s okay, you got one or two 1 = No comment -2 = Let’s just say that you should look at hints in the future. This week’s Rage Inducing Puzzles are worth 100 RIP points!…

Rage Inducing Puzzles #4

Welcome to Rage Inducing Puzzles #4! As previously mentioned, there are a whole ton of points up for grabs. And the answers to last week’s puzzles are… 000000. Since there are 1000, 100, and 10, you must add six zeros to the end. 12 pts Separate the weights into three groups of 9 each. Weigh two against each other. If one of them is heavier, then that is the group that the second weighing will be done to. If neither is, then the third group is. Split the mentioned group into 3 groups of 3 and repeat. For the final weighing, weigh the 3 weights individually. 18 pts Put one chip from the first group, two chips from the second group, etc. up to all ten from the last group, all at once. Subtract 225 grams from the result to find the number of the heavier group. 15 pts Telephone….

Rage Inducing Puzzles #3

Welcome back to Rage Inducing Puzzles! Last week’s puzzles were worth a total of 60 RIP points. However, this week’s puzzles are winter specials! The risk is higher, but so is the reward! 150 whole RIP points are up for grabs this week. Let’s take a look on last week’s puzzles: 545+5=550. 6 pts. If 1=5, then 5=1. 5 pts. 706006 upside down is GOOGOL(10100). 01 upside down is 10. The answer is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. 8 pts. Twelve has six letters. Six has three letters. Eight has five letters. 7 pts. (-2 if you said 4.) 1. The decimal expansion of 1/7 is .1428571428571… 1000000/7 has a remainder of 1, so the answer is the first digit of  1/7, which is 1. 10 pts. 4. 4/9=.444444444…  4 pts. 9. 1/11= .09090909090909090909… Since we want an even digit, the answer is 9. 5 pts. Put the marbles in 3 piles. Two have…

Rage-Inducing Puzzles #2

Welcome to Rage-Inducing Puzzles #2! This week, we will reveal the answers to RIP #1, and the first opportunity to earn RIP points! Last week’s RIP issue was worth 50 RIP points. Check the chart at the end of the answers for how you did. Since 0 is a multiplier, the answer must be 0 because anything multiplied by 0 is 0. 3 pts. Since X minus all letters is included in the puzzle, X-X is included also. X-X must be 0, so, using the same rule as before, the answer is 0. 5 pts. Place 3 marbles in one cup, 3 marbles in a second, and 4 marbles in the third. Then place the second cup in the third. Cup 1 has 3 marbles, Cup 2 has 3 marbles, and Cup 3 has 7 marbles. 5 pts. Place the five poker chips in a line. The first, second, third,…

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