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The Puzzle Adventures!

Wow, it’s been a while.   This is Oliver and Seth here with a 5-part story!! We’ve been working on this for a while, including the best references and jokes that we can come up with, along with some puzzles along the way. So, without further ado, jump in and enjoy! – PART 1 – PART 2 – PART 3 – PART 4 – PART 5    

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Request for Submissions

Hello! The poetry submissions we received for National Poetry Month were magnificent, and so the newspaper has decided to continue accepting submissions. We’re also expanding our borders and accepting short stories as well. The length of the short stories may range from 500 words to 2000 words (small exceptions within 30 words may be made). The directions are the same as the National Poetry Month article. Please write and edit your piece, and email it to You must include the following:   Your name Your grade Genre (short stories) Anonymous or not   If you would like your piece to be completely anonymous, you may drop it in a paper format in Ms. Kenealy’s room. However, we will not reveal your identity if you choose for it to be anonymous in your email. Once we have five submissions, we will publish the collection. Thank you!

Word Suggester Story Chapter 1: Chest Keys

Hi, Seth here, publishing the hilarious results of an experiment that I did. I just clicked the middle button of the word-suggester on the iPad keyboard a bunch of times and got this. This is going to be the 1st chapter of a story that I will continue (either by actual writing or by hitting the word-suggester again, please comment with your suggestion!) Chapter 1: Chest Keys The first person to pick out her and she had to be on one side compartment is not very important for a small pox and a screwdriver that she was passed out from her head of state to help them out of a physical location for her kids to escape her life she was started by on her own chest keys to her chest and she had to put a hole on it and then she was passed on a woman to a…

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Han Solo: A Backstory

  Princess Leia: “I love you.” Han Solo: “I know.” Han Solo, Jabba the Hutt’s most infamous smuggler, the rebel alliance’s most famous general, going up against foes like Boba Fett ( see Riley’s article for more info on him) and Greedo… But do you really know about him? So here I come in, Dylan, to tell you about the Galaxy’s smuggler turned general. Han Solo was born on the planet Corellia during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. His parents gave him up at a young age, and turned to a life of crime as a thief in order to survive the perils of the galaxy. Solo, at some point, acquired a starship and became an exceptional pilot. Solo began working outside of the Galactic Empire’s laws, beginning a career in smuggling. Solo eventually met the Wookiee Chewbacca, whom he saved from imprisonment. Chewbacca, grateful for Solo’s intervention,…

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Third and Final Edition

Well, well, well. Congrats. You’ve made it pretty far. But do you have what it takes to end the war once and for all? Or will you fall in the hands of the Fathers of Anarchy, and fail the entire world? With your wits, you just might survive… You just might. 27 You find yourself in front of the main building. A large barbed wire fence surrounds a huge ten story building. After saying goodbye to the girl that helped you so much, you stepped into the Sphere and came here. This is it. The fate of the world falls in your hands. THE WORLD! You blast the fence open with your taser. This is it. You climb the fence and step towards the building. This is it. You open the door, leading to a large hallway. This is it. A man at the front desk sees you and fires….

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Ready to Forgive: A Baseball Drama

“When I point to you, say your name and the position that you want to play on the Harvard baseball  team,” the head coach said gruffly. He pointed to Bryan. “Bryan Petersen, Shortstop. And, by the way, David Ortiz’s slugging percentage in 2006 was .636.” Everyone on the team, including the coach, looked at him funny. Then, the coach shrugged and moved on to the next name. After coach had moved through all of the names, he said that they would start off practice by figuring out what position everyone was going to play. He started off by hitting all of the infielders grounders. He started with Bryan. As Bryan ran out to shortstop, he heard his new teammates snickering, as Bryan probably looked like he should have been playing first base or even linebacker. Even the coach had to suppress a smirk. But Bryan was a whole lot better…

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Ghost Town: The Stolen Chain

There was once a boy named Jake and Jake loved exploring. Jake even found this gold chain in a dirt hole on his first adventure. He loved this chain and he wore it everywhere. But one day Jake decided to go on an adventure. Jake was walking and walking until he saw this town. It looked like a ghost town. Jake was very curious to go in so he went. He open the door of the first house. The house went creek creek, like there was someone sitting a chair, rocking back and forth. So Jake decided to go upstairs. There were three floors: the basement, the bedrooms, and the attic. Jake decided to go into the basement first. Jake still heard sound: creek creek. Jake saw a shadow down near the laundry machines. He said, “Who’s there?” But no one responded. The next thing he noticed was that his…

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Lost in the Woods: Two Ghost Stories

The One Without a Face by Liam Gizster Let me tell you a story… A story of fear, ghosts, and the cold hand of death… A story of consequences, and the horror that lies for those who don’t obey… A story of the darkness of the wilderness…   So grab a seat and gather round… And know… Never do what Jack did… Lest your soul be trapped forever… Our story begins on a cold day of winter, 1773, in the U.S.A. Jack loved to explore. A bit too much. He lived in a single log cabin with his mother and father in the woods. They had left England to colonize the New Land. His parents had always told him not to go out at night. But Jack didn’t listen.

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Choose Your Own Adventure, Continued

Hello again! This Liam here! I’m here for the grand opening of the second edition of “choose your own adventure”! Last edition, I made the mistake of not telling you which paragraph to go to. All I can say is, my bad. So, if you were in France and chose to explore the ruins of the Eiffel tower, go to 5. If you were going to explore the ruins of Paris, go to 6. If you were going to set up camp, go to 7. If you were in England, and you chose to go to the castle, go to 8. If you were going to stop the drunk man, go to 9. If you chose to go to the village, go to 10. If you were in the U. S., and you chose to drop your weapons, go to 11. If you chose to talk with them, go to…

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Hello everybody! This is Liam here! Right below this is my own Choose Your Own Adventure story! If you don’t know how it works, this is the part for you: you’ll need a pencil and a sheet of paper. These utensils are simply to mark where you are in the story. In Choose Your Own Adventure-style stories, you’re the main character. You’ll start in paragraph #1, and whenever you do something you will go to another paragraph. Whenever you go to another paragraph, you simply write that paragraph on your sheet of paper, and continue reading! If you die, no matter–simply go back to the beginning! Enjoy! 1 You’re lost in the woods. There is a terrible fog. You have no idea where you are, and you can hear footsteps. The world is in civil war. You have one mission. End the war. You are a believer in peace. You…

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