App Unwrap: Procreate

Many people are making the switch to digital art. It’s lighter, costs less overall, and a new interesting medium. Most people will know Adobe Photoshop, the lead program in digital art. Other less known programs include Paint tool Sai, a iOS app, and other professional programs. At first, the idea of a well made drawing iOS app will shock most digital artists. iPads and iPhones aren’t exactly rebound for their artistic capabilities, however the iOS app Procreate  is an accessible, cheap, intuitive, and easy to use. Procreate is an extremely well made and capable drawing app. Unlike sketchbook express and other drawing apps, it has professional grade tools for a low low price. You are able to create up to thirty three layers, there are tons of textures and “supplies”, selection and transformation tools, a useful color wheel palette (plus the ability to create your own palettes) a video recording…

You Decide: Are eSports a “Real Sport?”

Hello, everyone! Luke here, with Jacob, and this is a new series called You Decide. We will have a small debate, and then ask for your answer. Our first You Decide is about whether if eSports should be considered a “real sport.” When you think of sports, what do you think of? Tennis? Basketball? Soccer? Well today, Jacob and I will show you a new type of competition: eSports. eSports are, long story short, competitive video gaming. In this article, we will debate whether eSports should be considered a real sport. At the end, we will ask your opinion, and you can drop it in the comments section below. So let’s get started. So… Jacob will be arguing for conventional sports and I will be arguing for eSports although we both enjoy eSports. Luke: So let’s start with a question: What is a sport? Technically, according to, a sport…

Science Fiction Becoming a Reality

If I told you that Captain America could become real in the next ten years, you would probably say I am mad and my head was filled with fantasies. But read this, and your life will be altered forever. Scientists have developed a technology called CRISPR/Cas9. CRISPR harnesses the immune system bacteria, and they use it to snip a part of a gene and modify it to their own liking. Naturally, this causes some controversy. Having this tool lets you change a baby before they’re born. You can choose their IQ, eye color, skin color, and at some point you might be able to modify their growth so they’re super strong or super tall. (You see what I mean when I say Captain America.) In a relatively short explanation: In the past four years, scientists have figured out how to exploit a quirk in the immune systems bacteria to edit genes in…

The Best of the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show. The place for innovation in technologies from electric toothbrushes to the future of automobiles. The place to showcase newer and faster computers, devices to improve home living, and huge strides towards full medical rehabilitation using technology. It’s Riley here to show to you all what I thought was the best of CES 2017. The Whill Model M The Whill Model M is a wheelchair that has increased mobility and speed compared to an average wheelchair and makes the person using the Whill Model M more independent. There has been many electronic wheelchairs in the past but the Whill Model M has a much more sturdy design that allows people using the wheelchair to move across different surfaces independently. This will have huge impact on disabled people’s lives, it will let them explore and experience the world much more. LG’s OLED W7 Television The new LG W series…

Study Resources for Students

Throughout the year tests are often a key source of stress for students, but this can be avoided. Students often feel overwhelmed or scared, even when they have studied. The problem isn’t usually that students don’t study, they do. The problem is that they don’t know how to study for different subjects, especially math. We hope to show you different resources and ways of studying so you can ace your next test. Bad Study Habits We all have bad habits when it comes to studying. Many people believe that these habits are harmless, but they can do some damage on your overall education. They may seem to be the low hanging fruits; maybe the test is tomorrow and it’s midnight, but breaking them will do much more in the long run. The following unhealthy habits should be broken. Multitasking. Killing two birds with one stone will not help you. As…

The Phoenix Inquirer is Back and Better than Ever!

The 2016-17 school year has been a very interesting year for The Phoenix Inquirer. From service issues to social media, this year represented a year of growth and change for the newspaper. First of all, as the new school year started, we have gotten a bunch of new members in all three grades, plus our first members from the Class of 2023. And while we did lose some newspaper legends (such as Julian Brenman ‘20, Evan Sweitzer ‘20, and Liam Giszter ‘21), it has been made up with all of our newest members. In the first months of the new school year, the “new”spaper got to work immediately, publishing tons of new content, and by also entertaining the rest of the Middle School through videos and assembly announcements. From “Hexudoku” to “PhoenixTechTips,” the month also had tons of new series and debuts from new members. Shortly after, shut down….

Review: Portal 2

In this review of Portal 2, we’ll rate each aspect of gameplay on a scale of 1-10, then discuss our opinions of the game. *Disclaimer* We will not be covering Portal in this article, as we find Portal 2 to be more fun and entertaining. Just a quick disclaimer. Gameplay: 9/10 Plot:8/10 Design/Characters: 7/10 Soundtrack: 9/10 Creativity: 10/10 Gameplay (9/10): Portal 2’s gameplay is fantastic and has better than some games made recently (*cough cough* No Man’s Sky *cough cough*). Portal 2’s gameplay ties into its creativity because the idea of shooting portals and progressing through puzzle rooms, or test chambers, while listening to an evil robot is clever and a new type of game. The genre of Puzzle/Story! The co-op of Portal 2 is a bit lackluster compared to the main story. The co-op delivers the main idea of gameplay but doesn’t deliver the personality or creativity of the main story…

Top Google Searches of 2016

2017 has just started, and over the past year, there have been so many Google searches in the USA. From memes to sports to news stories to the election, here are a bunch of lists of the top Google Searches of 2016. I’ll finish everything off with the top 10 Google searches worldwide. I have found this information from If you don’t know what anything is please feel free to look it up. DISCLAIMER: This is not a list of “Top _____”, but a list of “Top Google searches of _____”. Top Memes 5. SpongeBob Caveman 4. Dat Boi 3. Pokémon Go 2. “Darn” Daniel 1. Harambe Top Songs 5. One Dance 4. Panda 3. Black Beatles 2. Purple Rain 1. Formation Top Video Games 5. Warcraft 4. Battlefield 1 3. Overwatch 2. 1. Top TV Shows 5. The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story 4….

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App Unwrap: iMovie

Hello everybody! I’ve been told that App Unwraps, or reviews of iPad apps, gained a lot of attention last year, so I’m here to continue the legacy of App Unwraps! To start my App Unwrap writing, I’m going to review iMovie. iMovie is a pretty popular app that you can find in the App Store for only $5.00. It’s also a required app for middle schoolers.

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Game Review: Super Mario Maker

Whenever someone says the word “Mario,” I’m sure you think of the same thing: Bowser steals princess, Mario goes after him, blah blah blah. But Super Mario Maker is a Mario game like no other! On September 10, 2015, Nintendo released Super Mario Maker for Wii U. This game was originally for Nintendo employees only, but the company realized that the game could make tons of money by being sold to the public. In this game, you create your own Mario levels! You can add in all sorts of enemies and blocks, plus you are able to create in four different styles! 

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