Meet the Staff

The newspaper staff strives to make The Phoenix Inquirer a resource that everyone in the Middle School can use and enjoy. We aim to make it a source of information that will keep everyone up to date on recent events in the Middle School, from celebrations to athletic events to performances and projects. We also report on local, national, and international current events and pop culture including books, movies, TV, and gaming. Through creative pieces, puzzles, and interactive features, we hope to provide community members with a source of entertainment. The Phoenix Inquirer website is designed to ensure that all the components of a great newspaper are easily available to our students and faculty, giving us a way to express our most interesting news, our best photographs, our strongest opinions, and our funniest comics digitally. It is our goal that, through our service, The Phoenix Inquirer both informs and entertains the Friends’ Central community and makes it a better place.

2018-2019 Staff

Kyle Brady ’23

Will Coleman ’23

Dev Gupta ’23

Konrad Smith ’23

Christian Whitfield ’23

Oliver Angert ’24

Isaac Dubb ’24

Lyle Goldader ’24

Leo Kaufman ’24

Myles Roche ’24

Luca Sella ’24

Zachary Dunne ’25

Poyraz Ozer ’25

Connor Simpkins ’25

Faculty Advisor: Laurel Burkbauer (Coach B)

Staff Emeriti (Former Staff Members)

Class of 2022: Dylan Adamczyk, Audrey Blinman, Seth Casel, Luke Chiang, Julian Duvivier, Leo Flora, Sofia Foote, Adele Goldader, Jared Miller, Alec Plante, Riley Roche, Jackson Sheffler

Class of 2021: Ben Allen, Will Bozman, Skylar Davis, Xander Giaccone, Liam Giszter, Beau Greisiger, Elliott Gross, Emma Lord, Charlie Szwartz, Tucker Wolfson

Class of 2020: Adeola Adelekan, Ibraheem Ahmad, Hugh Braham, Julian Brenman, John Calder, Catherine Cianfrani, Lucas Desipio, Benny Flora, Mekkhi Gardner, Lisa Green, Pierce Hayton, Connor Liu, Savannah Lopez, Cameron Mack, Evan Sweitzer, Gordon Wilcox

Class of 2019: Jream Barnett-Matthews, Isabella Berdugo, Max Cohen, Hughes Londergan, Claudia McLendon, Dylan Mitchell, Nir Netz, Owen Pearson, Kai “Sudo Nim” Schenck

Class of 2018: Sophie Geagan, Anjali Gupta, Beth Pipes

Faculty Advisor Emeritus: Anne Kenealy

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