Huawei: Big Controversy or Small Hoax?

Recently the phone company Huawei has been under fire for relations with the Chinese government. Huawei created software for their phones that are to be sold all over the world, but they have a very strong link with the Chinese government. The US government reacted very strongly to this, saying that they do not want the Chinese government spying on US citizens using their phones. The software that they were making was actually a brand-new Operating System. You may know how Apple phones have iOS, and Samsung phones use Android, along with many other phones. Huawei wanted to make their own OS so that they could compete more with iOS and Android. So far this case has gone very far in that Google has cut off future updates for Huawei phones using the Android OS. Huawei has responded by denying any ties with China. USA president Donald Trump has banned…

Has Samsung FInally Hit It Off After A Dry 2018?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was announced at Samsung’s 2019 Unpacked event on February 20th to a very hyped crowd. This year, instead of the usual two Galaxy S models, S and the S Plus, Samsung announced a staggering three phones, the S10, the S10 plus and the S10 E. Each of the three new phones comes with the blazingly fast Snapdragon 855, a top of the line eight-core processor that was released in late 2018 which allows for fast browsing and app usage. Along with the new processor, each model comes with different amounts of ram and each phone also has different configurations(Basically the more ram you have you can run more, bigger programs, MORE IS BETTER). The S10 E’s base model comes with six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of onboard storage while the higher end configuration comes with eight gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage….

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