Flik or Flop?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you should know that the previous cafeteria company, (Sodexo,) was replaced with the locally sourced Flik system. This change came as a shock to many. People didn’t know if their favorite foods would still be sold within the cafeteria, and were eager to find out what this new system offered that the previous one didn’t.


One of the most notable changes is the abolishment of the old meal plan system, where the buyer gets 7 points to buy any items until the 7 point cap is met, with the new meal plan system in which the buyer gets one entree, two sides, and a drink from the newly introduced ‘Waterworks.’ Another big change for us sandwich eaters was the addition of the panini press. Some minor changes are the introduction of the controversial ‘boxed water,’ and of course the much bussed about change in cereal brands.


We also reached out to some specific students for their individual opinions. Students didn’t want to disclose their names, so the answers will remain anonymous.


Interviewer: How often do you get food from the new Flik cafeteria

Anonymous: I get the food very rarely- only pizza sometimes but that sucks too.

Anonymous #2: Everyday. Once or twice.

Anonymous (Wasn’t here last year) : Couple times a week.

Interviewer: What do you like about the new Flik system?

Anonymous:  Nothing, limited choices and awful food, destroyed my life…

Anonymous #2: The food is pretty good like taste wise, sounds kinda weird…

Anonymous: (Wasn’t here last year) : There are a lot of options.

Interviewer: What do you dislike about the new Flik system?

Anonymous: Frankly, I dislike everything. The low quality food and the limited choices have destroyed my food.

Anonymous #2: It’s very overpriced, everything, like, in the cafeteria is overpriced. And they didn’t really clear up how many sides you can get. So I got an entree and two sides the day before and the next day I couldn’t get the same exact meal I got the other day.

Anonymous (Wasn’t here last year) : …There’s nothing I dislike I guess.

Interviewer: If you could make one change to the cafeteria what would you change?

Anonymous: The food doesn’t need to be that healthy, it just has to taste good… The cookies taste like fig newtons! 

Anonymous #2: More money you can use… Better point system.

Anonymous (Wasn’t here last year) : I guess maybe it would be helpful if there was one more cashier.


We also made a survey about student’s opinions on the new Flik system, and we sent it to the entire middle school. Here are the results.

As you can see this new cafeteria is a pretty disputed topic. While it might be a bit too early to make any final decisions on Flik, a lot of people seem to be on the edge about whether Flik was the right choice to make for the school.

By Leo Kaufman and Theo Dankoff 24’

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