“Sea of Thieves” Immersion

Spoiler Warning!

The game “Sea of Thieves” has been out since March 20, 2018 and there have been many updates since then. Sea of Thieves is an action/adventure type game about pirates.You start the game by choosing what character you want. After that, you choose the ship you want to sail. There is the “Sloop” which is the smallest and the fastest, and you can have a maximum of two players on it. There is also the “Brigantine” which is in between, and is the second biggest and the second fastest. There is a maximum of three players on it. The best and final ship is the “Galleon.” It is the biggest and the slowest, and has a maximum capacity of four players, and requires great teamwork to control. Each ship has a minimum of one player.


Once you finish deciding what character and ship you want, you load into a tavern. You walk outside and see the beautiful landscape that is Sea of Thieves. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking, and look extremely realistic for a cartoony game. You walk on the dock and hop on the ship you chose. You lower the sails and angle them into the wind (Note: You’re doing this manually, it is not automatic). You raise the anchor and take the wheel. Driving away from the island you spawned on, you see the colorful and detailed island slowly growing smaller. You maneuver around the rocks, and see the beautiful islands in the distance.

All of a sudden, you hear an eerie sound behind you. A run-down ship appears out of the water and starts shooting cannonballs at your ship! You run below decks to repair the hull, and grab cannonballs. You start shooting cannonballs at the ship, and it starts to sink. You defeated the ghost ship! You grab the treasure that it dropped and keep it on your ship. You unanchor and start sailing towards the nearest outpost. When you arrive, you sell the treasure chests to the gold hoarder and collect the gold coins.

You decide to sail some more. After sailing the seas for a few minutes, you see a big ship parked in the distance. You decide to take a closer look and sail towards it. You see the outline of two ships, and anchor far away just to be careful. You can hear them playing music in the distance. You get inside the cannon and fire yourself over to the ships. You land directly on the crows nest of the closer ship and they invite you down the ladder to play music with them. You make some friends, join their alliance, and set sail on their ship.

After a couple minutes of sailing, the water turns an inky black color and all of a sudden a bunch of tentacles emerge from the water! You hear roaring, and then you run below decks and start using the wood in your inventory to repair the holes gushing with water. Eventually, there is too much water in the ship and the ship starts to sink. After enough time, the ship becomes completely engulfed in water and you start drowning. You are able to make it back to the surface, and start swimming to the nearest island. Suddenly, red pops up around the edges of your screen and you lose life. You turn around and see a shark! It attacks you again and you die! After a couple of seconds, you spawn on a ghoulish-looking ship. A door opens up and light is beaming from it. You spawn back on a beautiful island and realize that your former crew is gone and there is a new ship at the deck. You hop on and start sailing again. You think to yourself, “Man, I love Sea of Thieves.”


by Lily Smith ’24 & James Pendrak ’24

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