Asia Kate Dillon and a Theory on Gender-Neutrality

A show aired on the channel Showtime now includes a non-binary character. Taylor Mason, a character on the show Billions, is a gender-neutral character whose pronouns are they, theirs, and them. The actor that plays Taylor, Asia Kate Dillon, also identifies as non-binary. They are the first gender-neutral actor playing a gender-neutral character on television, and not only that, but their performance has put them up for an Emmy nomination submission. Showtime approached Asia and told them that they were going to submit them for an Emmy nomination. The channel asked Asia how they would like to be submitted, as an actor or an actress. Dillon was conflicted about how they would like to be entered, and so wrote a letter to the Emmys in order to sort out exactly what the two categories meant. The Emmys responded saying that any eligible performer may be entered in either category for…

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Recap: Sherlock, Season 4

Disclaimer: If you have NOT watched Sherlock yet, please leave and do so. Preferably not in school. Or without parental permission. Or without legal permission. The point is, watch it while being good. Hey, friends! Marcus and Dev here, and we’re gonna spoil everything about the new season of Sherlock! Sherlock is a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) original series. It’s a spinoff of the original Sherlock Holmes series, including key characters like Mycroft Holmes and the great Moriarity. They cover almost all the original Sherlock Holmes stories, but normally each one comes with a little twist. For instance, “A Study in Scarlet” becomes “A Study in Pink”. “The Hound of the Baskervilles” becomes “The Hounds of Baskerville,” and more. If you’re looking for something new, don’t worry. As I said before, each story follows certain Arthur Doyle guidelines, but with a refreshing twist of story and plot, the latter new…

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